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Golden is a historic Colorado town that is a gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park and the I-70 mountains. It offers activities for every speed and interest. You can visit Lookout Mountain to get a great view of the surrounding areas, mountain bike at Apex open space and if you’re feeling super adventurous you can also tandem paraglide. In downtown Golden there is plenty of shopping and restaurants as well as the Coors Brewery where you can take a tour of the facility. Golden is also a short drive from both Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Red Rocks Amphitheatre for great shows. Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care company in Golden, CO.

Golden, CO is an outdoors minded community that Organo-Lawn has been providing lawn care services in since 2010. Since then we have performed thousands of environmentally friendly weed control services on customer’s lawns. Golden is one of the nicest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we always enjoy the fun loving people. We truly enjoy providing professional lawn care services and expert tree care services for the adventerous people of Golden.

Both our Synergy and One Earth Weed Controls are 100% organic, non-toxic, and considered edible. There is a way to have a beautiful lawn and use pet-friendly weed control and fertilizers.

Weed Control in Golden, CO

Among of the toughest weeds that Golden Colorado sees is a pesky weed called bindweed. Due to the extensive root system of bindweed it can be hard to get control this pesky weed. The good news is that we have a special weed killer called Drive XLR8 that will control bindweed and kill its root system.

Crabgrass is another problem weed that is often found in lawns around Golden. Crabgrass is as a natural erosion control; it usually grows where there are bare areas in a lawn.. This lime-green colored grass sticks out like a sore (green) thumb in the middle of your dark green lawn. Organo-Lawn has a special weed control specifically for crabgrass called Drive XLR8. Although this is a synthetic spray it is very low toxic. We typically only use this spray as a spot spray to kill the weeds that are not controlled with our One Earth Weed Control.

We tend to see bindweed growing in drought stressed lawns. Bindweed seeds can stay in the lawn for 50 years, so it’s best to kill it if it does germinate in a lawn. Over time you can get control of bindweed by following proper watering practices. Crabgrass will only grown in a lawn that is mowed too short or in thin areas of a lawn. Preventing these problem weeds from invading a lawn is easy if the lawn is being mowed tall and the lawn is being watered according to the principals of the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique.

Golden, Colorado

Golden has neighborhoods with some fun flair that we love to see when we are out doing tree and lawn care services. Below are just a few of the neighborhoods in Golden where Organo-Lawn provides our lawn care services:

  • Applewood West
  • East Old Golden
  • Lakota hills
  • Mesa Meadows
  • West Pleasant View

What People are Saying

Organo-lawn has been doing my lawn for years. They always do a great job applying the application. I generally speak to their lawn technicians and find them to be extremely knowledgeable about their products and my lawn. David P was my application technician this week and as usual he did a great job! I highly recommend David and Organo-lawn.
Golden, CO Testimonial, Knowledgeable Lawn Professional

FAQ – Colorado Lawn Care

How often do I need to apply a lawn fertilizer in Golden, CO?

We recommend 4- application of a 100% organic lawn fertilizer at an application rate of .75 – 1 lb of 100% organic nitrogen per application per year. Exceptions may occur but this is the recommended rate for a lawn in Golden Colorado.

We only suggest using a 100% organic fertilizer that provides a slower release of nutrients that will develop strong tissue growth, promote deep digging grass roots, and stimulate beneficial microbial activity in the soil. Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care company in Golden and we have been using organic weed controls and fertilizers since we opened for business in 1997.