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Lawn Care Company admin February 21, 2023


Our Company Cares About The Environment

Taking responsibility for our environment and for our actions is important, and we at Organo-Lawn echo this sentiment. Not only are we reducing the use of dangerous pesticides and fertilizers on lawns and trees by being an organic lawn care company, but we also are reducing our impact with our business practices. Below you will find a few of the ways that Organo-Lawn is committed to maintaining a healthy and sustainable relationship with our environment.

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Services

Environmental Lawn Care

Biodiesel Oil Fueled Trucks

Our vehicles have the capability to run on B100 biodiesel and whenever available we purchase and use B100 biodiesel. By using biodiesel we are lowering our dependency on fossil fuels.

Fuel Sponsors

The following restaurants generously donate their used vegetable oil to be cleaned and turned into biodiesel. Please support our effort in using a waste product to power vehicles by supporting their businesses. The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants – Boulder – Fort Collins

High Efficiency Lighting

Our shop is illuminated by highly efficient, low wattage compact fluorescent light and LED light bulbs. This not only reduces our energy consumption, but also eliminates the waste created by burned out bulbs. Also our shop and office is wrapped in energy efficient windows, allowing us to operate under the full light of the sun creating less need for electrical light.


By using E-Mail we save on the use of paper. If you have not provided us your e-mail please do so. » Click here to review our E-Mail policy

Wind Power

We have been purchasing wind energy from Xcel energy since 2004. This energy powers 100% of our shop and office.

Recycled Materials

When we build equipment we use as much recycled and reclaimed materials as possible. We use recycled paper to print our invoices and drop sheets. We also have a very successful recycling program where we recycle all of our paper waste products and commingled container products.

Planting Trees

Every year Organo-Lawn plants at least 1 new tree at our office in Boulder, Colorado. Planting a tree is an easy way to reduce the carbon footprint. Each tree we plant will help combat the carbon dioxide we produce with the use of our small engines. It is our duty to make sure we are limiting the negative impact that our daily operations make on the environment.

“The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago; the second best time is now!”

Our Pet Friendly Lawn Care Team

Organo-Lawn understands that these steps are very small in comparison to what can be done. Rest assured we are continuing to grow and are always looking at ways to become even more sustainable. We are looking at installing Solar Power to allow us to go “off Grid” and hope to be off grid shortly. We do a lot to create as sustainable an environment as possible, but we also acknowledge that there is much more work to be done. We welcome your feedback in order to help create a more sustainable Organo-Lawn in the future.

Organo Lawn Organic Lawn Services

To schedule organic lawn care services please call our office at (303) 499-2000 Boulder or (970) 225-9425 Fort Collins.