Tree Care

Tree Care admin February 21, 2023

Expert Tree Care Services

Boulder and Fort Collins

Organo-Lawn is a professional tree care service that uses environmentally friendly products and techniques to control insects on trees. Both of Organo-Lawn’s Boulder and Fort Collins branches do not spray chemical pesticides into the air.

Organo-Lawn does not aerial spray insecticides, the good news is that we can cure 99%+ of soil drench or direct trunk injection.

We push for reducing pesticide usage and we believe that if we can cure or prevent an insect from attacking a tree simply by correcting improper lawn watering, we will recommend a sprinkler audit instead of a chemical application. You read that correctly, Organo-Lawn can often cure a tree’s insect problem, by changing how the lawn is being watered.

Organo-Lawn’s approach to tree care is vastly different than most other local tree care companies. Our tree care experts are trained to identify the signs of insect pressure and make corrections to the soil and lawn watering to prevent future insect attacks.

To schedule organic lawn care services please call our office at (303) 499-2000 Boulder or (970) 225-9425 Fort Collins.