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Soil Conditioners admin February 21, 2023

Soil Conditioners for Lawns

Humate Soil Conditioner

Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care service in Boulder and Fort Collins. We specialize in organic lawn using environmentally friendly products. One of the best lawn care products we offer is a special soil conditioner called Humate. This is a granulated product that is 1,000,000 year old organic matter that is mined from the earth. It is full of humic acid and fulvic acid and is a wonderful at adding organic matter to soils and helping break up clay. We recommend at least one application of humate per season on residential lawns, especially in Colorado where our soils are known for their heavy clay content.

Rain Maker – Water Retention Polymer

Organo-Lawn believes in conserving water. This is why we developed the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique, which is the ideal way to water a Colorado lawn. This lawn watering technique is wonderful at promoting deep digging grass roots which will make a lawn more drought tolerant.

Another great way to cut back on lawn watering is to have Rain Maker applied to the lawn after a core aeration has been completed. The Rain Maker is the same thing that is used in baby diapers and it is also used to filter drinking water. These polymers absorb water and hold it in a gel form until the soil around the dries out. These polymers reduce lawn watering needs between 25-40% depending on the time of year. We have found that lawns that have Rain Maker applied once per season will need less water over the season to keep them green compared to lawns that did not use the polymers.

Compost Top Dressing

At Organo-Lawn our biggest goal is getting a thriving and healthy microbiome in your soil. Compost Top Dressing will improve the soil quality as well as help kickstart microorganisms in the soil. By adding this organic matter we are creating a diverse ecosystem. By having a diverse ecosystem you are less prone to getting diseases in the lawn such as Necrotic Ring Spot.

Lawn Care Expert
Organo-Lawn has the most qualified lawn care technicians and we specialize in diagnosing and solving even the most difficult lawn care problems.

Lawn Care Services

Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care service in Colorado and when it comes to difficult lawn care problems; we have seen it all. Our expert lawn care technicians can help you identify and make recommendations to repair almost anything that might be causing your lawn to be struggling.

Organo-Lawn has been treating lawns in Colorado since 1997 and here are a few of the things that we have seen that have caused damage to lawn in the Boulder and Fort Collins area: Spider mite damage, voles, necrotic ring spot fungusascochyta leaf blight fungus, lawn mower damage, roundup damage, chemical damage, rabbit damage, over watering a lawn, under watering a lawn, too much shade causing a lawn to become thin and weak, improper lawn fertilization, dog spot damage, and the list goes on.

Basically, if you have a lawn care question about your Boulder or Fort Collins area lawn, Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care service to help solve even the most difficult lawn care problem.

Organic Lawn Fertilizers Boulder Colorado
Our lawn care technician is spreading a special soil conditioner to a lawn in Boulder.

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