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Weed Control for Pasture Land Grass Areas

Milestone Specialty Herbicide is used to kill weeds in rangelands, native grass areas, pastures, and meadows. Milestone will control many different types of weeds including: Canada thistle, musk thistle, goatheads (immature), yellow mustard, alfalfa, knapweed, and many more invasive and noxious weeds. Native areas are very important to the ecosystem and this is one reason why Organo-Lawn is committed to using only the most environmentally friendly and effective weed control products available.

Rangeland Weed Controls

Organo-Lawn is thrilled to offer the product Milestone as a weed control option for pasture land areas. Milestone is one of the best weed controls for controlling difficult weeds and it is also a registered EPA’s Reduced Risk pesticide. Milestone weed killer is so low toxic it is practically non-toxic to humans, fish, honeybees, invertebrates, amphibians, and birds. Milestone weed control is broken down by soil microbial activity very quickly and it does not leach through soils. Milestone does not damage monocots so grasses will not be negatively affected by the weed control application.

Native grasses typically do not need supplemental fertilization so when we apply this product to native areas we do not apply it with any fertilizer. Typical weed control rates may vary depending on the species of weed and time of year, but we tend to see high weed control rates around, 80-95% control, in the spring when weeds are young and actively growing. During the summer months when temperatures are hot and the land is drought stressed we tend to see weed control rates around 60-85%. Milestone is excellent at controlling Canada thistle and we tend to see high control rates on thistles any time of the year.

Native Grass Weed Control Boulder Colorado

Canada Thistle Weed Killer Services

Musk and Canada thistle are the most problematic weed that we tend to see in native grass areas . We achieve exceptional weed control rates on Canada thistle when the product is applied in early June and again in early September. Typical weed control rates for Canada thistle and musk thistle are between 90-95% per application and it will take 2-3 weed control applications to get a major thistle problem under control. We have experienced very good weed control rates when targeting other weeds using milestone weed control including knapweed, goatheads, mustard, and kochia.

Canada Thistle Weed Control Boulder Colorado

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Myrtle Spurge Weed Control Services

We also have a special myrtle spurge weed killer for this extremely difficult noxious weed. If you have received a notice from Boulder County requiring you to eradicate myrtle spurge from your property we have weed control options for you and your rural property. Myrtle spurge is on the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s noxious weed list and it is required to be killed or eradicated.

Myrtle Spurge Weed Control

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Bindweed Weed Killer

Bindweed is a creeping weed that typically germinates in lawns in Boulder and Fort Collins from May through August. Bindweed has a very extensive root system and often is seen with white, pink, or yellow flowers. Bindweed can often take over an entire yard or native grass area and is not susceptible to weed control even by the strongest weed killers.

If you have a combination of bindweed and other weeds we can combine a treatment of Milestone weed killer with Drive XLR8 weed control. This weed control combination will get get good control on both the native area weeds and the bindweed.

Bind Weed Control Boulder Colorado

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Ideal Time to Have Weed Control Applied

Spring: Late May or Early June
Summer: July
Fall: Late August or early September
Anytime that weeds are actively growing

Application Season:

April 23rd-Sept 15th

Milestone Information

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Aggregate Human Health Risk

Milestone is registered by Dow AgroSciences LLC under the EPA Reg. NO. 62719-519 and is also registered by the Colorado Department of Agriculture

Order Weed Control Services

If you would like help in controlling any of these difficult pasture land weeds or other weeds growing on your property please give our offices a call to discuss your weed control options. Boulder (303) 499-2000 or Fort Collins (970) 225-9425

FAQ – Weed Control for Rock and Mulch Areas

What is the best way to kill Canada thistle?

The best way to control Canada thistle in a native grass area is with a specialty herbicide called Milestone. This weed killer is a registered EPA’s reduced risk list herbicide and it is also one of the best weed controls for use on Canada thistle. Typical weed control rates for Canada thistle and musk thistle are between 90-95% per application. It will typically take 2-3 weed control applications to get complete control over a major thistle problem.

Is Milestone an organic weed control?

No, milestone is not an organic weed control; however, it is on the EPA’s reduced risk list. This means that it is a weed killer that poses less risk to human health and the environment than existing conventional alternatives. The goal of the EPA’s reduced risk program is to bring to market viable alternatives to riskier conventional pesticides such as neurotoxins, carcinogens, reproductive and developmental toxicants, and groundwater contaminants.