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Weed Control Services admin February 21, 2023


Boulder and Fort Collins Weed Control Services

Our organic weed control programs work great on broad-leaf weeds in the lawn, but organics do have a few limitations. Organic weed controls can control the majority of weeds in a lawn, but there are some very hard to control weeds that require special weed killers. Even though we use synthetic weed control products for very specific weeds, we choose products that are extremely low toxic to bees, people, pets, and are environmentally friendly. The specialty weed controls that we use are highly effective at controlling the targeted weeds.

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To schedule or discuss weed control services contact our office today to talk to one of our professional lawn care technicians. (303) 499-2000 Boulder or (970) 225-9425 Fort Collins

FAQ – Specialty Weed Controls

What is the Best Weed Control for Canada Thistle in Pastures?

The best weed control for controlling Canada thistle in pasture grasses is Milestone. This special weed control will kill Canada thistle with one application and the weed will typically die within 7-10 days after the application. Milestone is also a wonderful weed control for other problem weeds that grow in pasture lands, native grass areas and meadows.