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Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care company and we specialize in organic lawn care. Organo-Lawn is committed to providing professional lawn and tree care services at all times. If at any time the quality of our lawn care services are not up to your expectations, please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

If you are on a full season program and are having an issue with the health of the lawn, the problem is typically related to the sprinkler system or how the sprinkler system is programmed. We can fix almost any lawn care problem as long as the lawn is being mowed tall and watered properly. We are always happy to answer any questions about our lawn care products or services. If there are concerns about the appearance of the lawn please contact us and we will do our best to resolve the problem in a timely manner.

View Organo-Lawn’s Better Business Bureau Rating – We have a Better Business Bureau A+ rating for Lawn Care services in Boulder and Fort Collins.

Organo-Lawn has an A+ Rating with the BBB. Click on the logo to verify!

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Credit Card Policy

In the past, Organo-Lawn did not require lawn care customers to have a credit card on file and did not require prepayment. Unfortunately, some of our lawn care customers failed to pay their bills. This has become especially problematic lately and we had to make a choice of whether to raise our prices or ask our customers to keep a credit card on file. While we’ve enjoyed our open, trust-based policy, we now require our lawn and tree care customers to have a credit card on file to receive services.

Some of our customers have expressed discomfort in keeping a credit card on file, and we understand your concerns. We have taken every step to make sure your information is as safe as possible. As a BBB accredited company, we follow their industry proven guidelines regarding securing sensitive data.

  • We keep your information in a private, encrypted server that is checked monthly for vulnerabilities.
  • We ask for your information over the phone or through written mail in order to safeguard your privacy.
  • After we have your information, only the last four digits of your card number are visible to our office staff.

When will we process the payment?

We only charge your card when you authorize us to do so, the day after a service if you have auto pay set up, or if your account becomes more than 75 days past due.

You may find it very convenient!

Because we have your credit card information on file, you can easily give the office a call and ask us to run your card when you’re prepared to make a payment. You can also sign up for our auto-run program, where we automatically run your card after each service performed.

Is there an alternative?

If you absolutely do not want your credit card information on file with us, we’re happy to offer you the alternative of pre-paying for your lawn care services. When you’re setting up services with us, just let us know you’d like to prepay instead of keeping a card on file, then send us a check in the mail for the cost of the service for the entire season.

Can you pay by check?

Yes; while we will ask you to keep a credit card on file, we’re happy to accept checks as payment.
Please mail any checks to:

1859 N 75th St
Boulder, CO 80301

What if we make a mistake and overcharge your card?

We are dedicated to resolving issues as quickly as possible. If you notice a discrepancy in your records, please call contact us at (303) 499-2000 or [email protected].

E-Mail Policy

We use your email address for contact purposes only. We do not sell your e-mail address or give it away. We only use it for internal purposes.

Email Uses Include:

  • We send you an email two days before your lawn care or tree service with instructions on what to do before your lawn or tree care treatment. You will receive important information in the email that helps you make your lawn look better and be healthier.
  • The morning of the application date we email you with the time our applicator is expected to arrive at your house.
  • We send email alerts when we see a problem occurring on a majority of lawns. These may include insect pressure on trees, lawn disease alerts, proper lawn watering techniques, etc. This allows us to help you be proactive in treating the lawn.
  • If we add a new service or product to our arsenal we email our customers so you are the first to know.
  • We send out reminders at the end of the season to set up lawn care services for next season and this allows you to reserve services at the current pricing.
  • You can also send us emails with questions or photos of lawn problems and we can get the issue addressed quicker and without having to send a technician to the lawn which saves gas and air pollution.
  • By giving us your email you are helping save trees and keep our prices low by saving on postage and paper used for mailing information.

Remember we NEVER give your email address to anyone else and we promise that we will never sell your email. We use your email address for communication of important information, also known as good purposes.