Sprinkler Blowout Winterization

Sprinkler Blowout Winterization admin February 21, 2023


Sprinkler Winterizer Service

At Organo-Lawn we offer professional sprinkler system winterization by highly trained sprinkler professionals that care about your sprinkler system. Each of our sprinkler system technicians is trained to handle almost every type of sprinkler system and can ensure that your sprinkler system will be winterized properly to avoid expensive repairs.

At Organo-Lawn we perform lawn aeration, lawn winterization, and sprinkler blowouts so there is no need to make any extra phone calls to arrange all three services. This is easy on you because you can mark your sprinkler heads before the aeration and then after the fall fertilizer is applied you can water your lawn to activate the application. Then a few days after the aeration and lawn winterizer are completed we will return to your house to blow out your sprinkler system. We offer residential sprinkler blowout services in Boulder, Fort Collins and Arvada areas. Call today to schedule all three fall lawn services with one phone call.

***If Organo-Lawn does not blow out the system before the first hard freeze of the season, Organo-Lawn does not guarantee any sprinkler system from getting damage.*** Note that the first hard freeze in 2020 was October 23rd, 2020.

Sprinkler Blowout / Winterization prices start at: $77.75 for 1 zone

Professional Sprinkler System Blowoutsrt

When Should a Sprinkler System Be Winterized to Prevent Freeze Damage in Colorado?

As you know the weather in the Boulder and Fort Collins area is unpredictable. Our recommendation is to have the system ready for winter before October 25th; however, this date can vary depending on the seasonal temperatures. Some seasons we have had hard freezes as early as the first week of October and other seasons our first hard freeze is around Thanksgiving.

Sprinkler Blowout Service Boulder

Note: Our schedule is very full around October 10-October 25th so schedule your sprinkler blowout for your Boulder or Fort Collins area home early!

Hard freezes come and go. If you know how to drain the basement pipe, the backflow preventer also known as the vacuum breaker, and how to drain the valves then this can be done before a sudden freeze to prevent damage to the sprinkler system. To watch a video on how to protect your sprinkler system before a sudden freeze please click this link.

Learn How To Drain The Basement Pipe of Your Sprinkler System

If you, the homeowner, can drain the basement pipe properly, then our sprinkler technician will not need to meet up with you to be able to blow out the sprinkler system. We will be able to blow out the sprinkler system using the valve boxes and we will not need access to the basement.

Sprinkler System Blowout Pricing

Number of Zones – Price

1 Zone – $77.75
2 Zones – $83.00
3 Zones – $88.00
4 Zones – $93.25
5 Zones – $98.50
6 Zones – $103.50
7 Zones – $108.75
8 Zones – $114.00
9 Zones – $119.00
10 Zones – $124.00
11 Zones – $129.25
12 Zones – $134.50
13 Zones – $139.50

Additional zones – please call for pricing

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Do You Need to be Home for the Sprinkler System Winterization?

Drain Your Own Basement Pipe

You Do Not Need to Be Home

This depends if you are comfortable draining the water from your basement pipe by yourself. If you know how to shut off the water to the sprinkler system and drain the basement pipe, then you do not need to be home for us to blowout your sprinkler system. We will use the sprinkler system valves in the green valve boxes to operate each sprinkler zone and we usually do not need access to the sprinkler clock.

After our sprinkler technician finishes blowing out the outside sprinkler system we will provide instructions on how to properly drain the basement pipe or you can watch this video on how to drain the basement pipe. Please note that we will not guarantee the inside system if our instructions are not followed exactly.

Not Comfortable We Will Drain It For You

You Do Need To Be Home

If you don’t feel comfortable draining your own sprinkler system basement pipe, we completely understand, and this is why we will email you the day before your sprinkler blowout with our arrival time. These sprinkler system arrival times have a one hour to a one and a half hour time window so you will not need to wait around all day.

You might enjoy the fact that you don’t have to be home for the sprinkler blowout or you might want to be home. Either way, we can help make sure that your sprinkler system will work properly when you start it up the following spring.

Organo-Lawn performs sprinkler blowouts in Boulder and Fort Collins during the month of October.

Sprinkler System Blowout Season

September 25th – November 10th or until it gets too cold to properly blowout sprinkler systems.

Important note: we cannot guarantee any systems for any damage if it is winterized after the first hard freeze. We record the first hard freeze date each year.

To schedule your sprinkler system blowout contact our office!
Boulder (303) 499-2000 or Fort Collins (970) 225-9425