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A Major Achievement in Organic Lawn Care Technology

In 2010 Organo-Lawn invented a 100% organic post emergent weed killer that would kill weeds in a lawn without killing the grass. We called this natural weed killer One Earth Weed Control. This was a huge achievement in the organic lawn care industry, because this was the first time a weed killer for lawns had been discovered. The impossible was now possible, we could kill weeds in a lawn without also killing the grass. This discovery has revolutionized the organic lawn care business and we can now turn even the worst weed infested lawn into a beautiful lawn in about one seasons worth of treatments. Since the discover of One Earth Weed Control our business has exploded.

Organo Lawn Organic Lawn Services

Organo Lawn Weed Controls

Organo-Lawn has been working with organic weed controls and weed killers since 1997. The natural weed control technology has changed a lot over the last 20+ years and there have been major advancements in weed controls. In 1997 there were very few organic weed control options; however, due to the major advancements in organic technology – chemical lawn care treatments are no longer necessary to achieve a weed-free lawn.

Specialty Weed Controls

Even though we use synthetic weed control products for very specific weeds, we choose products that are extremely low toxic to bees, people, pets, and are environmentally friendly. The specialty weed controls that we use are highly effective at controlling the targeted weeds.

Specialty Weed Control Options

Drive XLR8 is a wonderful weed control for crabgrass and bindweed in lawns. Not every lawn will develop a crabgrass or bindweed problem, but if it does then we can control the weed problem quickly.

Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that will grow in lawns that are being mowed too short or in areas of the lawn that are thin and drought stressed. Young crabgrass will start to show up in Colorado lawns around the middle of June through early July. We have found that a specialty weed control called Drive XLR8 will control the crabgrass in a lawn quickly and it won’t harm the desirable grasses.

Bindweed is a major problem in lawns in Colorado and Drive XLR8 is the best bindweed killer available. Bindweed is a vine-like weed that typically grows in lawns that are either mildly or severely drought stressed. A good way to prevent bindweed from coming back in the future is to make sure the lawn is being watered properly according to the principals of the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique. If a lawn is infested with bindweed we recommend an application of Drive XLR8 to kill the weed down to the root.

Native Area Weed Control – Weed control for pastures, native grass areas, and meadows. When weeds are a problem in a grass area that isn’t manicured, Milestone is an excellent weed control for these areas. Canada thistle is a major problem in Colorado and our specialty weed killer called Milestone is excellent at controlling Canada thistle and other noxious weeds.

Crabgrass Weed Control Boulder Colorado

100% Organic Weed Control Options for Colorado Lawns

Synergy with Corn Gluten Meal is a 100% organic pre-emergent weed control and fertilizer that is specifically designed for Colorado lawns. Synergy is derived from corn gluten meal and if it is applied in the early spring it will prevent weed seeds from germinating properly. Organo-Lawn is the only organic lawn care service that offer Synergy with corn gluten meal.

One Earth Weed Control is a 100% organic post-emergent weed killer for lawns that will kill dandelions fast! One Earth Weed Control is derived from a mix of plant based ingredients like molasses and a special form of iron. One Earth Weed Control is one of the best dandelion weed killers and it will kill them fast! Most dandelions will turn black and die within 72 hours after an application of this all organic weed control.

Avenger Weed and Grass Killer is a 100% organic post-emergent weed killer for rock and mulch beds. Avenger is derived from orange and lemon peels and is a wonderful natural alternative to products like Roundup. Avenger weed and grass killer works very well at controlling young weeds that are four inches or smaller in height.

Corn Gluten Meal

The 3 Most Important Aspects to Organic Lawn Care

There are three aspects to achieving a weed free organic lawn and if any of these three things are not being done properly then the lawn will not live up to its potential. This could mean the lawn has weed pressure, brown spots or crabgrass. However, if these three things are being done properly then the lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. Organo-Lawn has simplified these three aspects of organic lawn care into 3 easy to follow principals.

#1 – Follow the principals of the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique.

#2 – Most the grass tall (3 inches or taller) and mow it once per week.

#3 – Use one of Organo-Lawns full season programs.

Organo-Lawn can make any lawn beautiful, dark green, and virtually weed free without using any dangerous lawn chemicals. If the lawn is being watered according to the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique, is being mowed properly and on one of our full season organic lawn care programs the grass will be a deep dark green color with very few weeds.

We have been helping homeowners maintain their Boulder and Fort Collins lawns without using dangerous lawn care chemicals for 20+ years. There is good reason that Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care company in Fort Collins and Boulder.

Corn Gluten Meal

To schedule natural weed control services please call our office at (303) 499-2000 Boulder or (970) 225-9425 Fort Collins.

FAQ – Natural Weed Control

What is organic weed control?

Organic weed control means the products being applied to the lawns are free of chemicals and are derived from natural or edible ingredients like corn gluten meal, sugar beet molasses, etc. Organo-Lawn has been using organic weed control products like Synergy with corn gluten meal and One Earth Weed Killer since we opened for business in 1997. We strongly believe in the using products that are non-toxic to people, pets and the environment.

If you see the term organic fertilizer or natural fertilizer this simply means that the end product is minimally processed, and the nutrients remain in their natural forms. This means the raw materials need to be decomposed by microbial activity prior to the nutrients being converted into a form that plants can uptake. In the case of lawn fertilizers, “organic” does not refer to the same standards of processing associated with food.