Weed of the Month Series: Bindweed

Weed of the Month Series: Bindweed admin November 7, 2019

Weed of the Month Series: Bindweed

Bindweed comparison
Hedge Bindweed does not have as extensive of a root system as Field Bindweed. Field Bindweed can have a root system as long as or deep as 20 feet.

Interesting Facts

  • Field bindweed was introduced to North America from Eurasia in the 18th Century.
  • Bindweed seeds can stay viable in the soil for up to 50 years.
  • Green dye can be made from this plant.

Field Bindweed Vs Hedge Bindweed

There are two types of bindweed; Field Bindweed and Hedge Bindweed. Both have arrow shaped leaves and trumpet shaped flowers, similar to Morning Glories. Hedge Bindweed has both larger leaves and larger flowers than Field Bindweed. The photo below will give you an idea of the size comparison, a Field Bindweed flower is on the left. Hedge Bindweed does not have as extensive of a root system as Field Bindweed. Field Bindweed can have a root system as long as or deep as 20 feet.

Ideal Conditions for Weed Growth

This weed will germinate from Late April-August. Bindweed is mostly found growing in drought stressed areas, so it’s crucial to properly water those areas. Once the watering schedule is fixed, then you can work on eradicating the existing bindweed. You can find Field Bindweed growing in lawns, non-turf areas like rock or mulch, as well as native areas. Hedge Bindweed is mainly found in non-turf areas like gardens.

How to Control Bindweed

Pulling bindweed will probably be more strenuous than it’s worth. With such an extensive and deep root system it will be next to impossible to get control of it this way. You will have to continually pull the weeds about every 3 weeks for about 5 years to win any sort of battle. However, if you bindweed is entangled in garden areas amount desirable plants, that may be your only option. However, if there is enough space to spray the bindweed without hitting other plants (grass being the exception), there is a product that works remarkably well on bindweed called Drive XLR8. This product will be applied post-emergently; hooray no weed pulling!

Results with Weed Control

If you hand-pull the bindweed, it will typically start to grow back about 2 weeks later from any remaining root system left behind. If you have the Drive XLR8 applied you can expect to see results in about 7-14 days. The bindweed will begin to curl or turn brown. You will typically only need one application to kill the bindweed, but more bindweed can germinate later. This product needs to be applied to the foliage of the plant for it to work. It won’t prevent new bindweed from coming up; it’s likely there is bindweed that hasn’t germinated yet.

Is this Bindweed?

Wild buckwheat sometimes called black bindweed is another vine like weed with arrow shaped leaves. Unlike bindweed, this weed is an annual, and has very small and green flowers, with no petals. Both bindweed and wild buckwheat are fast growing and problematic if left untouched. Below is a photo of wild buckwheat, notice the very tiny flowers.