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Fort Collins houses some of the best breweries in the country, and is one of the biggest hubs for Colorado’s craft breweries. Fort Collins is also one of 21 communities that is a Certified Colorado Creative District. It’s also a gateway city to the Rocky Mountain National Park. So whether you are interested in nightlife, art, or the outdoors Fort Collins has something to offer you. Organo-Lawn is proud to be a part of keeping the community green, and we offer organic lawn care in Fort Collins, as well as expert tree care services.

Fort Collins, CO is a dog friendly community that Organo-Lawn has been providing organic lawn care services for since 2001. Since then we have performed thousands of pet-friendly organic weed control services on many different customer’s lawns. Fort Collins is one of the friendliest communities in the Front Range of Colorado and we always enjoy the environmentally conscious people of Fort Collins. Organo-Lawn is the best organic lawn care company in Colorado and the founder of Organo-Lawn grew up in Fort Collins and is a Lambkin!

Our Synergy with corn gluten meal application works best if used in both spring and fall.

Fort Collins Lawn Care Services

From Fort Collins all the way to Boulder we work with lawns that are full of weeds and have thinning grass. These lawn care problems can be an easy fix with proper lawn watering and a full season program from Organo-Lawn.

Many customers have thinning lawns and choosing the ideal type of grass seed very important. For instance, if you have a lot of foot traffic on your lawn using either our Supreme (Bluegrass) or Emerald III (turf-type tall fescue) seeds are a good move. The Supreme seed is a great seed if you have a bluegrass lawn. The Emerald III seed is the best grass for Colorado’s diverse climate. Emerald III seed will grow very well in both a full shade lawn and an area with full sun. It is also very durable and requires 33% less water than bluegrass. We know that water consumption is at the front of most Fort Collins residents’ minds so using a grass that doesn’t use much water is important.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Organo-Lawn is the best lawn care company in Fort Collins and if 100% organic weed control is what you are looking for then look no further. Below are just some of the Fort Collins neighborhoods that we service:
  • Avery Park
  • Harvest Park
  • Lake Sherwood
  • Observatory Village
  • Old Prospect
  • Omega
  • Rigden Farm
  • Rogers Park
  • Willow Park

Expert Lawn Care Services

Windsor, CO

The Windsor Lake offers many recreational activities including boating, paddle boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, a dog park, and a swim beach. There are also over 40 miles of trails throughout Windsor with both paved and natural trails. We are dedicated to making sure that Windsor stays green by offering 100% organic lawn care services and tree care services for the fun loving people that call this community home.

Wellington, CO

Wellington is a small community just north of Fort Collins; it holds several annual events, like the Christmas parade. It’s near many lakes and Roosevelt National Forest. Check out the 20-hole disc golf course! Organo-Lawn offers professional lawn care and tree care services in Wellington.

What People are Saying

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with all of my interactions with Organo-Lawn. I have sunk a lot of money into the rehab of a neglected lawn, and Organo-Lawn has been extremely helpful with that. They have always arrived (and completed) within the window they’ve given me, which isn’t easy on my large corner lot and I can actually see the work they’ve done. I had the opportunity to meet the tech for my sprinkler audit (Ryan K) and he explained everything he did and that I needed to do for the remainder of the year. I would definitely recommend Organo-Lawn to someone like me who doesn’t have the time or equipment to care for such a large lawn.
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FAQ – Colorado Lawn Care

How to reduce lawn watering in Fort Collins, Colorado?

An ideal moisture level in the soil is 25% water, 25% air, and 50% soil. Due to the dry climate in Ft. Collins, the annual moisture is not high enough to sustain a healthy lawn without the use of a sprinkler system and programming an irrigation system confuses many homeowners. We recommend following the 1-2-3-2-1 lawn watering technique that will help cut back on watering, as most people water their lawns too much in both the spring and fall.

Rain Maker can reduce your lawn’s watering by up to 33%. Rain Maker is a non-toxic substance derived from a potassium polyacrylate/polyacrylamide copolymer that consists of 16% potassium. The tiny white granules are specifically designed for above ground turf application and will penetrate the soil within 1-2 weeks after the lawn application. After the polymers get into the soil they will remain within the top 8-12 inches of the soil and have a lifespan between 1-2 years. Depending on soil conditions and for the purpose of watering conservation we recommend one application of Rain Maker per year.